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Working With Perceived Black Boxes

I’m working with the .NET webstack for a client and am growing frustrated by the black box that seems to be linq and the entity framework. Now I will say that I really don’t know the .NET web stack that well and so some of my frustration comes from the fact that I’m still learning the stack and all the how it works. I was searching for quite a while yesterday to try and figure out where my db.Find call becomes sql and what does that sql look like but I couldn’t…

Its frustrating looking for hours for a clue on how something works but no one seems to be trying to explain it. People just seem to take forgranted that it works. Now with the opensourcing of happening soon maybe I’ll be able to find something out but part of me asks why bother? I know LAMP stack (and its derivities LXXX) really well. I’ve created a career working on those stacks and am questioning whether or not I need to worry about IIS, LINQ, Entity Framework and all that stuff or if I should just stick with what I’m good at…

I guess I’ll be documenting this more as I want to leave a record of my findings.

I’ll be jumping into HHVM and hack hopefully tonight if time permits. I’ll post my thoughts as soon as I can.